Exploratory Excavation

In cases where a large area reading characteristic of an Underground Fuel Oil Storage Tank (UST) is detected, Hawkeye Services can provide Exploratory Excavation services. Hawkeye will provide a SCOPE OF WORK. See our Exploratory Excavation process below:

Pricing is as follows

Our Process

  • 1


    Hawkeye will provide a written proposal to the client for the exploratory excavation services. Upon receipt of a signed contract with a deposit, Hawkeye will call in a utility markout on the property through NJ One Call.

  • 2


    Once the utility mark-out is clear, Hawkeye Services will mobilize to the property to excavate the suspect area. If the area is under grass or soil, Hawkeye will attempt to remove the sod over the suspect area for re-use.
    Hawkeye will then hand excavate the suspect area to confirm/deny the presence of a UST. Upon completion, the excavated area will be backfilled to grade level. Restoration of the disturbed area is not conducted by Hawkeye personnel.

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    A formal report will be issued to the client indicating Hawkeye’s findings. If a UST is located, Hawkeye can provide a trusted reference to a reputable oil tank removal contractor for tank removal work. If a UST is not located, Hawkeye will document these findings in a final report and a Hawkeye Guarantee will be issued to the client(homeowner).